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polymer’s dust control agent is anti-coal dust weapon

time: 2019-07-05

coal is known as black gold, and industrial food, it is one of the main energy sources used by the human world since the eighteenth century.

coal is dusty during transportation. both coal raw materials are lost and the surrounding ecological environment is seriously polluted. therefore, coal dust control is very necessary in transportation.

commonly used dust control methods include covering method, sprinkling method and chemical dust suppression.

mechanical capping method: high cost, increased body weight and reduced coal loading.

tarpaulin cover method: mechanized operation is inconvenient, transportation efficiency is low, and a lot of manpower and material resources are required.

sprinkling method: water evaporation is fast, difficult to use during transportation.

chemical dust suppression: spraying dust suppressant to form a solid hard shell to prevent coal dust from flying, convenient and simple, easy to operate.

polyte® sd100 series dust control agent can be evenly sprayed on the surface of coal through equipment, which can quickly capture and adsorb particulate dust and form a solid layer on the surface of coal seam, which can not only inhibit coal dust flying, but also effectively retard oxygen flame retardant.

affinity, strong adhesion, easy to combine with coal, ash, raw materials, etc.

does not affect the calorific value of coal combustion, does not affect the grindability of coal combustion.

good stability, temperature range -30 ° c ~ 90 ° c, uv resistance, wind and rain.

non-corrosive, no corrosion damage to construction equipment, concrete frames, etc.

high safety, no side effects, easy biochemical degradation, no damage to soil, vegetation, no secondary pollution.

simple, convenient, safe and reliable construction.

the general addition range is 250~1000g/m2.

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